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Blends analysis
A good blend should be studied and created based on the needs of the clientele to which it is addressed and on the geographical region they live in. The main variables upon which a blend composition must rely are the origin of the coffees composing it, the range of tastes and not least the price.

The network, tools and knowledge of ARC Lab are the fundamental points of strength that allow us to compose, analyze, test and identify the right blend.

Roasting is certainly one of the most delicate phases of the coffee supply chain. Only apparently simple, this processing is strictly dependent on various elements including the technological features of roasting machines, the heat dose, the cooling process and the organoleptic characteristics of the raw materials composing the blends.

The physical and technical coffee related knowledge and experience of our experts, along with the close co-operation with the main and most competitive Italian roasting machine manufacturers, allow us to obtain the best possible out of each specific type of coffee.

Capsules and waffles analysis
During the past few years, Aziende Riunite Caffè has gained much experience in the sector of mono-portioned coffee. The growth rates of this industry are very important and the prospects for the coming years are characterized by increasingly higher growth figures in Italy and the world.

The mono-portioned coffee industry is currently undergoing a very important evolutionary phase which is rapidly shaping its market rules and competitive dynamics.

Capsules, waffles, pods, clones, are technologies each requiring different blends and grams and must best match the coffee machines available to obtain the best espresso coffee possible.

Our Lab experts are at our customers’ disposal to advise and help them create top blends, experiment new capsules and address them on worldwide coffee origin and supply.